18 May 2016

Must-have Women's Shirts To Own

Must-have Women's Shirts To Own | Hi  everybody!! How your life going on especially for today? Hope everything will be fine and going smooth on what have plan. Today, I would like to tell you that as a women we must have women’s shirts to own. Deeply inside I really love to have it and wear them with skirts or slacks. As a muslimah we can be versatile and fashionable with these women’s shirts. Sometimes I will wears that women’s shirt with skirt. It really looks feminine and gorgeous. 

Women who are always on the go and love the smart and neat looks will definitely need to own some shirts in their closet. See, I think most of women will agree with this opinion. Shirts give you that quick boost of maturity and sophistication which can be worn to any occasion with style. You can wear it to the office, parties and even a day out with your friends. It does not matter what age you are, shirts are a must-have fashion piece for any women to own. If you have no idea what type of women’s shirts that works best for you, take a look at the three choices of women’ shirts below. It will amaze you and will make you eager to have it on your closet. 

1. The Clean White 

Woww, it looks great with this clean white shirt. :) 

No one can ever go wrong with wearing a clean white shirt. It gives you that neat classy appearance while making you appear elegant effortlessly. It can also be simply matched with any bottom due to its versatility. The simply clean white are able to be matches with any colours and really easy to be suit in. Be creative and pull together your best poise look. Feel confident and have heads turning into your direction. I have few in my closet on this simple colour. It really made my day and it turn out to be the best women’s shirts because it easily fit in. You can suit with blocking colour skirts and scarfs, you can also suit with skirts that have patterns and many more. Just choose and suit it well. 

2. Pretty Pastels 

I am really fall in love with pastel colours. It looks soft and feminine. Pastels will always make any women appear stunning and helps bring out your feminine side. From various pastel shades, you can choose the one that fits your personal style. Pastel shirts are great when matched it with a white or black pair of bottoms. If you want to show off more of your girly girl sides, you can always pair the pastel shirts with a matching shade of skirts. Pastels are my favourite. I also have many pastel women’s shirts on my wardrobe. Haha. Women’s clothes are so many until we don’t know which one is the best for us to match out. 

A few women's shirts that i have on pastels and also clean white. Really love these colours. ^^,

3. Florals 

Other than pastels, floral shirts are becoming a popular choice among women. It also brings your feminine side as well as your sweet innocence. There are many floral shirt designs available so pick out your favourite one and style it with confidence. Florals are never going to go out of style so why not add a few into your wardrobe. 

 These are few that i have on floral shirts. It really suit me well. =) There are many more but i have even wore it yesterday. Heee. 


Im wearing floral shirts.. ;) 

In the nutshell, i think theese three type of shirts are must have on women's closet. These three types show the feminine of women and versatile on it. How about your opinion? Lets comment! 

Must-have Women's Shirts To Own |


  1. suka semua design.. kekadang nak bebunga, kekadang nak pastel kekadang nak kosong.. hehe

  2. samalah kitew pon suke jugak those three types of shirt hehe

  3. Akak suka floral dan pastel. Putih kurang :)

  4. Ak suka putih. Tapi putih tak suka ak. Huhu


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